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6 Months Plan

Beginning of the new start

During the 6 months period we meet 2 times a month, (bi-weekly), same day same time of your preference. In that 50 minutes we go over what you need to know, what gets to your goal and what is not helping you to get there. You will also have homework, assignments, reading materials and experiments to take home and try out. Email support anytime along the way. Trust me it will be fun.

What we focus on...
Each week we have a topic to discuss on. Sharing ideas and opinions with each other. Remember we are both learning, so no judgement whatsoever!
Why 6 months?
12 sessions over 6 months is an optimal length where you can stick to a new habit and drop an old one. Consider a lifelong journey, this is short one!
What to expect?
Expect to have a good time, don't be afraid. We are not here to tell you what to do and go to the gym, everyone works differently that's why we are here to figure out what works for you.
After the program...
Congratulations you did it! If you are confident you can continue the path you like by yourself then by all means. If you like further support from us feel free to sign up extended programs that we can discuss.
6 months program (12 sessions) $780 including free consultation.
If pay in full we will give you $50 off.
Payment is due at the 1st of each months.
$100 deposit is required, once the program is completed it will be refunded.
Payment methods: Paypal/Venmo